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Sorting actions and rework

SQS 2001 Ltd is on the automotive market with the Control & Rework activity which cover the conformity inspection, the development and the supervision of the supplier process.

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Engineering Support

Field engineering services are provided by us in relation to special machine and device engineering, quality and project management as well as production support.
We perform our project-like services via integration into our customers’ organisations, at the sites specified by our customers.
The machines designed by us are manufactured in a form agreed upon with our customer.
We assume also foreign appointments.


Company representation

We assume the quality, logistic and technical representation of the suppliers, by means of which they may safely serve their buyers.
We are able to re-sport and post-process the parts under engineering and quality support also at our own sites, if necessary.
We perform also logistic activities related to delivery.


Industrial IT

The IT divison has own-developed software on the family name of RUNNING which covers the wide range of management systems.
Ezek a vállalatirányítási rendszerek a gazdaság különböző területén alkalmazhatók.

The agricultural management system’s name is Running Farm. The vehicle sales management system’s software is Running Indianapolis. 
The production management system is called to Running Production.

Company representation

Our company’s resident (supplier representation) service saves money to the customer via its constant presence at the site of the manufacturing company, representing the interests of the supplier.

What benefits are offered to you with this service?

Financial savings

  • Complaint costs
  • Costs of production halt
  • Logistic costs
  • Travel costs
  • Possibility of partial-time work

Fact response

  • Possibility of immediate change on the basis of the available information
  • Immediate feedback

Updated information

  • Production and reject figures
  • Error analysis
  • Supplier-manufacturer’s liability
  • Special reports on the basis of the supplier’s demand
  • Online tracking of the work and the performance of the order via a program of own development

Reduction of the risk of non-compliance

  • Immediate detection and reporting of defects
  • Random testing of incoming goods
  • Monitoring and control of correctional measures

Other benefits

  • Knowledge of local processes and competent persons
  • IT and quality assurance background of our company
  • Local organisation and implementation of sorting and post-processing