Engineering Support

Design and technical documentation of the layout, 3D modelling

  • Determination and documentation of the existing layout in 2D/3D
  • Development of the new layout concept in 2D/3D
  • Participation in the drafting
  • Technical support for the redesign of the existing production line

Creation and modification of production lines

  • Planning, conversion, production, commissioning with our own partner or a partner commissioned by the customer
  • Integration into existing or new production lines
  • Design of material transfer for production lines

Product and production line transfer

  • Transfer and installation support between locations (also abroad)
  • Monitoring and enforcement of technical, time and cost-related goals
  • Development of documentation (time, cost, activity, control plans, production and maintenance instructions)

Product and production line transfer

  • Providing control rework after installation and the related engineering activities
  • Providing the technical, quality and financial communication between manufacturer and customer

Management of NPI projects, implementation of other project management tasks

  • Execution of project management tasks based on the PPAP and APQP documentation provided by the recipient side
  • Creation of reports according to customer requirements
  • Creation of the NPI documentation in connection with the introduction of new products


  • Creation of maintenance plans, modification of existing plans
  • Introduction of maintenance documents
  • Monitoring of processes
  • Management of subcontractors