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Sorting actions and rework

SQS 2001 Ltd is on the automotive market with the Control & Rework activity which cover the conformity inspection, the development and the supervision of the supplier process.

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Engineering Support

Field engineering services are provided by us in relation to special machine and device engineering, quality and project management as well as production support.
We perform our project-like services via integration into our customers’ organisations, at the sites specified by our customers.
The machines designed by us are manufactured in a form agreed upon with our customer.
We assume also foreign appointments.


Company representation

We assume the quality, logistic and technical representation of the suppliers, by means of which they may safely serve their buyers.
We are able to re-sport and post-process the parts under engineering and quality support also at our own sites, if necessary.
We perform also logistic activities related to delivery.


Industrial IT

The IT divison has own-developed software on the family name of RUNNING which covers the wide range of management systems.
Ezek a vállalatirányítási rendszerek a gazdaság különböző területén alkalmazhatók.

The agricultural management system’s name is Running Farm. The vehicle sales management system’s software is Running Indianapolis. 
The production management system is called to Running Production.

Sorting actions and rework

During the sorting a rework we are doing conformity inspection and rework activities for automotive and electronics parts suppliers.

1. Details

Quality inspection of automotive and electronic parts:

  • Visual check
  • Conformity inspection with magnifying glass and microscope
  • Measurements with tools
  • Inspection and analysis of casts.

Special rework:

  • Burr remove
  • Welding
  • Surface treatment.

2. Our strengths

  • We have been available with our services for the automotive, electronic industries and their suppliers for more than 15 years.
  • We have wide range of contact system and references abroadand inland as well.
  • Our colleagues are experts at engineering and electronics with English and German knowledges. They are available for the clients full time 24 hours a day, on Saturday and Sunday too.
  • All of our clients can follow their process, order, timing via our online database system.at.

3. Supplier representation

Description of the concept: inspecting the supplier owned products at the customer plant,continously administrative and technical support, handling the non-conform parts.

Activity details:

Continuous inspection of incoming material, providing reports based on supplier requirements.

In case of non-conformity immediate contact to the quality manager of the customer and the supplier contact.

In case of non-conformity taking photos and documents of the parts and sending them to the contact person of the supplier.

Initiate sorting actions with the verification of the quality leader of the customer.

Failure analysis for the rejected parts by failure type, by batch, by location of the failure, by cavity, etc.

4. Why choose us?

It is worth trusting us with sorting and reworking activities as,

  • There is no administrational, training and labour cost
  • There is no staff and place needed.

Our ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2005 certifications provide the quality of our processes.

We have inspected and reworked 250.000 different types and 200.000.000 pieces for automotive industries.

We have inspected and reworked 40.000 different types and 60.000.000 pieces for electronics industries.

5. Where we do the work

We can do sorting and rework activities at the supplier’s factory or at our plant as well.

Our plant with 1000 m^2 area can be found at 1 Sárvár Street, Szombathely.

Multi-level storage method is possible depending on the types of the products. 

The hall is equipped with alarm and camera system and protected by security service company.


Contacts / Offer request

SQS 2001 Kft

Address: H-9700 Szombathely, Sárvár utca 1.
Phone: +36 94 506-805, +36 94 506-803
Fax: +36 94 506-820, +36 94 509-818
E-Mail: info@sqs.hu
Web: http://www.sqs.hu

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