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"I give tool to the person who is able to use it."

Sorting actions and rework

SQS 2001 Kft is present in automotive industry with the so-called Control & Rework services, which means the conformance testing (quality control) of the supplier products on the one hand, and the development and monitoring of the supplier processes one the other.

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Engineering Support

We provide onsite engineering services in the fields of purpose machine and device planning, quality management, project management and production support.
Our project-like services are provided built-in within our clients’ organization at the premises of our clients’ request.
The production of the machines designed by us is carried out as agreed with the client.
We take foreign orders, too.


Company representation

At our premises, we provide contract manufacturing for electronic and automotive industries, which includes the assembly of semi-finished products and technological preparation.



The independently developed softwares of the Informatics Division make up a program group under the umbrella term RUNNING.
These corporate governance systems can be applied in different fields of economy.

Our agricultural corporate governance system is called RUNNING FARM, whereas our car selling corporate governance programme is called RUNNING INDIANAPOLIS. 
The planning of production processes and the tracing of production is supported by RUNNING Production programme.

Engineering Support

Design and technical documentation of layouts, 3D modelling

  • Assessment of existing layouts in 2D/3D
  • Designing new 2D/3D layout concepts
  • Participation in the development
  • Technical support for the makeover of existing production lines

Design and modification of production lines

  • Planning, remodelling, production and commissioning with our partners or with a partner assigned by the client
  • Integration in existing or new production lines
  • Planning of material conveyance of production lines

Product and production line transfer

  • Support for transfer and commissioning between premises (abroad, too).
  • Monitoring and enforcement of technical, timing and cost-related goals
  • Documentation design (time, costs, activity, control plans, production and maintenance instructions)
  • Providing control rework after installation and the related  engineering activities
  • Providing the technical, quality and financial communication between manufacturer and customer


  • Preparation of maintenance plans, modification of existing plans
  • Implementation of maintenance documents
  • Process monitoring
  • Subcontractor management


Leading NPI projects; carrying out other types of project management tasks

  • Carrying out project management tasks based on the PPAP and APQP documentations provided by the receiving party
  • Creating reports according to the needs of the orderer
  • Preparation of NPI documentation for the introduction of new products

Device and special purpose machine planning

Quality engineering activities, Lean six sigma

LEAN Management

We offer our LEAN Management service with 20 years of process development and LEAN professional experience, and hundreds of successful projects behind us:

  • LEAN projects, workshops at the orderer’s place
    Leading loss reduction, process optimization, quality improvement and waste reduction workshops and projects, training and tracking of group members  .
  • LEAN trainings and onsite practice at the client’s premises, training tracking  .
  • 5S
  • Kaizen
  • Rapid Kaizen
  • Analytical methods (5 Why, Ishikawa…)
  • CI (Continuous Improvement)
  • SMED
  • MbTT (Management by Takt Time)
  • PPS (Practical Problem Solving) A3
  • LEAN
  • 6 Sigma

Business coaching

Business coaching helps mainly with:

  • how we can succeed in a new workplace situation,
  • how the workers can be motivated to reach their highest potential,
  • to motivate each other and their groups, and how to improve the working method and solve problems.

During business coaching, it is possible to clarify the workplace conflicts, and just a couple occasions of coaching can help a lot for the atmosphere and the efficiency of the colleagues cooperation.

The coach (as a personal trainer) leads the colleagues towards the possible solutions,

and the reached successes motivates them and make them confident. 

During business coaching, the colleagues can discuss how the company can become more successful and how certain group members could contribute to reach significant results.

Typical coaching topics, in which we can help:

  • sensitive situations: to criticize, praise, or dismiss;
  • improvement of efficiency and working methods;
  • improvement of communicative efficiency;
  • motivation;
  • delegation, authoritative leadership;
  • self-knowledge, insight into human nature, self-confidence development;
  • decision preparation, decision-making;
  • problem solving;
  • stress management;
  • organization, time management;
  • work-life balance;
  • conflict handling, cooperation development;
  • improvement of presentation skills;
  • image, design, appearance;
  • negotiation techniques, meeting leading.

Executive coaching

Executive managers lead groups, but still, they are alone.

Especially when they face problems that are supposed to be solved by them.

But whom can they share their thoughts, dilemmas and doubts with?

They cannot talk to their subordinates about their inner struggles, and their bosses are also not available for that purpose very often. The managing colleauges are in the same situation. Their families and friends also cannot help, as they are biased.

So, this is where we can help during an Executive Coaching.

Typical topics:

  • Difficulties in handling certain organizational/workplace situations, tasks, colleagues, expectations and in solving conflicts.
  • You would like to get prepared for a change in the workplace, a situation, or a new position.
  • You would like to harness their strengths and resources more, and as a result, you wish to become professionally more complete.
  • You would like to accelerate the personal, professional or managing improvement in a targeted way.

Career coaching

Career coaching helps to solve every career-related uncertainties and problems, while it discovers the client’s strengths, important characteristics and goals at the same time.

Based on these strengths, the areas where our partners can find a solution to their problems arise during the coach talks.

Work is really stressful, and after a while, stress can obscure our judgement and clear thinking, so it is very important to bring forward the clients’ realizations and to follow them until their goals come true.

These goals are sometimes difficult to recognize, as preople tend to set fake goals for the sake of quick fulfillment. It can also happen that an old goal changes with time, and the given person leads him-/herself on a wrong track.

In these cases coaching sessions help to identify the fake goals, recognize new ones and take the necessary steps towards them.

If we identify the problem and the partner has decided that he/she wants to change, then the coach helps him/her to get through the process with the help of the partner’s strong willingness.

Career coaching is a fantastic opportunity for those who feel that they are not happy in their work and wish to make a further step, or maybe start a completely new way.

Coaching helps to explore the real route for people based on their strengths, talents and personality, it helps to start the right way and take the opportunities.

Also, during the improvement process we adapt the methods to the partner’s problems, and offer the most personal solution for him/her.


Electronics and IT developments

Electric design

Software development