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"I give tool to the person who is able to use it."

Sorting actions and rework

SQS 2001 Kft is present in automotive industry with the so-called Control & Rework services, which means the conformance testing (quality control) of the supplier products on the one hand, and the development and monitoring of the supplier processes one the other.

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Engineering Support

We provide onsite engineering services in the fields of purpose machine and device planning, quality management, project management and production support.
Our project-like services are provided built-in within our clients’ organization at the premises of our clients’ request.
The production of the machines designed by us is carried out as agreed with the client.
We take foreign orders, too.


Company representation

At our premises, we provide contract manufacturing for electronic and automotive industries, which includes the assembly of semi-finished products and technological preparation.



The independently developed softwares of the Informatics Division make up a program group under the umbrella term RUNNING.
These corporate governance systems can be applied in different fields of economy.

Our agricultural corporate governance system is called RUNNING FARM, whereas our car selling corporate governance programme is called RUNNING INDIANAPOLIS. 
The planning of production processes and the tracing of production is supported by RUNNING Production programme.

Introduction of the company

The business was founded on the name of SQS Inc. in 1998 by the owner László Karakó who is the Managing Director of the company as well. Because of the continuous market increasing the size of the enterprise was rising parallel and it was transformed to Limited Liability Corporation in April 2001.

The main services of the company:

  • Quality service in the automotive- and electronical industry which contains quality inspection and rework.
  • Business management software development
  • Develop, implement and maintain management control systems according to ISO standards

Our aim is to provide such quality service on the highest professional level with minimal cost effort to our clients satisfaction. In this way we would like to help our customers to improve and reach maximal business results.