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Sorting actions and rework

SQS 2001 Kft is present in automotive industry with the so-called Control & Rework services, which means the conformance testing (quality control) of the supplier products on the one hand, and the development and monitoring of the supplier processes one the other.

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Engineering Support

We provide onsite engineering services in the fields of purpose machine and device planning, quality management, project management and production support.
Our project-like services are provided built-in within our clients’ organization at the premises of our clients’ request.
The production of the machines designed by us is carried out as agreed with the client.
We take foreign orders, too.


Company representation

At our premises, we provide contract manufacturing for electronic and automotive industries, which includes the assembly of semi-finished products and technological preparation.



The independently developed softwares of the Informatics Division make up a program group under the umbrella term RUNNING.
These corporate governance systems can be applied in different fields of economy.

Our agricultural corporate governance system is called RUNNING FARM, whereas our car selling corporate governance programme is called RUNNING INDIANAPOLIS. 
The planning of production processes and the tracing of production is supported by RUNNING Production programme.

Sorting actions and rework

Name of the concept: During our sorting actions and reworking activities we carry out the conformance testing, quality control and reworking of parts from eletronics suppliers.

1. Details of activity

Quality control of automotive and electronic parts:

  • visual inspection
  • conformance testing with a magnifier and microscope
  • measurements by instruments
  • inspection and analysis of alloys.

Special reworking:

  • deburring
  • welding
  • surface treatment.

2. Our strengths

  • We have been providing our services for car and motor factories and to their suppliers for 20 years.
  • We have an extensive system of relationships and references in the country and abroad, too.
  • Our colleagues do their job effectively and flexibly. They are happy to serve our clients 24 hours a day, on Saturdays and Sundays, too.
  • Thanks to our internet-based developments, our clients can track all information about the completed work on-line.

3. Representation of suppliers

Name of the concept: control of the supplier’s parts at the customer’s premises, technical and administrative support for the supplier and the customer, handling of nonconforming parts.

Details of activity:
The continuous control of the incoming goods from the supplier, preparing reports.

Contact with the quality management of the customer and with the contact person of the supplier in case of detecting nonconforming parts.

Taking photos and preparing documentation, and sending all of them to the contact person of the supplier in case of detecting nonconforming parts.

Initiation of a sorting action after the approval of the customer’s quality management.

Analysis of the arising part defects.

4. Why choose us?

SQS 2001 Kft is a good choice when it comes to control and reworking, because

  • there are no administration, training and logistic costs,
  • no service staff and areas have to be maintained.

The improvement of our processes is provided by our management system certified by standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2005.

5. Where we do the work

Quality control and reworking are carried out at the automotive suppliers’ premises, at electronic part manufacturers and in our own hall.

Our 1000 m² hall is located in Szombathely, under the address Sárvár str. 1.

Depending on the product type to be stored, there is an option for multi-level storage. 

The hall is equipped with an alarm system and cameras, and it is protected by a security guard service.


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SQS 2001 Kft

Address: 1 Sárvár str., Szombathely, H–9700
Phone: +36 94 506-805, +36 94 506-803
Fax: +36 94 506-820, +36 94 509-818
E-Mail: info@sqs.hu
Web: http://www.sqs.hu

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